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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daily Returns

Daily Returns

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Journey in Life or A Detour

Road to High Yield Investment.

This is the journey that I took two years back and I am still occasionally eying on it. Before that, I never have a chance to get to know what is all this about and until I am truly into it and pay some lesson fee and I realized that this is something not as good as it sound as you can credit pretty easily but when you ask for cash out, sometimes it just never come through though the site is still around, and you end up waiting. :(

Anyway, for all kind of investment there carries some kind of risk, what more to say this is an online thing? When you want to beg on the risk and you better be prepared to face some uncertainty. After all, isn’t life filling with unknown factors and only human trying to make some good sense out of it and sometimes it really works too! It seems like a box of chocolate and you never know what is inside until you open it. Even you open it and know that it is chocolate inside and you still need to taste it in order to enjoy it. The point is clear; you need to be with it.

I am not trying to discourage neither am I trying to encourage anyone here but I just wanna to share with you all that whenever you want to taste something, you just need to take some form of risk.

Again, this is the not the best but this is some thing that you can look at to diversify into. Hope to see you there too!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Nokia Released N97 Mini Gold Edition
I wish to get one of this.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Managed Forex Funds

If u are looking for some passive income online or if u are planning to diversify your portfolio into forex market and yet u don't find time and expertise for it, may b u could adopt this strategy by putting some of your eggs into
so called managed forex fund and earn yourself some daily return.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to Convert Daily Returns into Annual Reutrn - 0.018% daily into 6.79% return annually

Divide the daily return percentage by 100 to convert it to a decimal. For example, if you earn 0.018 percent per day, you would get a daily return rate of 0.00018.

Add 1 to the result from step 1. In our example, adding 1 to a daily rate of 0.00018 equals 1.00018.

Raise the result from step 2 to the 365th power, where 365 represents the number of times per year the interest is compounded. Continuing with our hypothetical rate, 1.00018 to the 365th would compute to 1.067899983.

Subtract 1 from the result from step 3 to get the annual return as a decimal. Subtracting 1 from our figure (1.067899983) to find the annual return rate expressed as a decimal would give us 0.067899983.

Multiply the result from step 4 by 100 to convert the annual return rate expressed as a decimal to a percentage. We, therefore, multiply 0.067899983 times 100 to get an annual return rate of about 6.79 percent.