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Monday, December 21, 2009

Escalating Price.

It’s 2 day before Xmas and I am having my days off since middle of this month. Life has been boring and full struggle for the past 10 years until recently and I manage to find time to do a lot of things that I have missed out in these years due to unknown busy schedules and a bit of mortgage debts.

This holiday season really brought me back something that I have forgone in the past twenty years like going to fish in the early afternoon under the hot sun, riding on my cruiser and heading into the suburb towns and experience how the country folks make a living, painting my own house, beautifying my backyards, feeding the fish in my garden pond early in the morning, getting into the woods and start plucking the unknown vegetables, wow, what an amazing life and I truly love it a lot.

It’s sunny and dry today and I took this opportunity to send my car for air con servicing. It took me three hours to hang around at the garage to get things done. Nothing surprise me until I was present the bill. It was extremely high as compare to my expectation, couple months back when I send car for check up and I got the quote as RM 400+, and as of today, I got my bill read as RM680, after plea bargain, the workshop gave me RM10 off only. It’s rather ridiculous. How the world has been going on, just in a matter of 5 months, the price has gone up by 60% I was stunned and confused.

Of course, the beautiful day is pretty much spoiled.

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