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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Questions on PTC

How to earn from PTCs(From Singapore)

Q. What is PTC?
It is paid to click site.

Q. How to earn from PTC sites?
You need to sign up and then upon successful registration with a valid e mail, you can log in now.

Q. What should I do after log in?
Click on the advertisements and start viewing the ad for the stipulated time frame to earn.

Q. How to cash out?
You need sign up for a payment processor, like alertpay or paypal account.

Q. What if I don’t have one?
You can click on the alertpay banner to the left of this page and sign up for a FREE personal account.

Q. Have any investor receive money from PTC sites?
Yes. You can always check it out on the forum.

Q. So, any PTC that I can give it a try?
Yes, you can click on the banner below and start signing up for a FREE account and start earning online.

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